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Insects and Spiders Gallery

To preview a worksheet simply click on an image. To download a printable .pdf version of the worksheet, click on the link under the image. This is just a sample of the various Insects and Spiders materials. There are over 360 various Insects and Spiders worksheets, lesson plans, and other materials available to members.

Fact Files Fact Files Cut Outs Cut Outs
Monarch Butterfly
Io Moth
Monarch Butterfly
Io Moth

Funsheets (Preschool) Funsheets (Preschool) Funsheets (Kindergarten - Math) Funsheets (Kindergarten - Language)
Left to Right
Count to 3
Count 1
Write Upper Case Letters

Funsheets (Kindergarten - Science) Funsheets (Grade 1 - Math) Funsheets (Grade 1 - Language) Funsheets (Grade 1 - Science)
Identify Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores Addition Write Letter Before Comprehension, Reading, & Writing

Funsheets (Grade 2 - Math) Funsheets (Grade 2 - Language) Funsheets (Grade 2 - Science) Funsheets (Grade 3 - Math)
Addition of Triple Digits Recognize Antonyms Comprehension Addition of Three Numbers

Funsheets (Grade 3 - Language) Funsheets (Grade 3 - Science) Lesson Plans (PreK-K) Lesson Plans (Grade 1-2)
Spell Insect Words Insect Facts Introduction to Bugs What is an Insect? Introduction to Bugs What is an Insect?

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