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Tommy Tales
38. The Final Rescue
37. The First Rescue
36. Lucy and Kim, Lost at Sea
35. Andy in the Arctic
34. Sam in the Desert
33. Tommy's Disastrous Day
32. Tommy Goes to Mars, Part 2
31. Tommy Goes to Mars, Part 1
30. Tommy and the Great Wall
29. Tommy's Trip to France
28. Tommy in the Jungle
27. Tommy Saves Fourth of July
26. Tommy Goes to London
25. Tommy Goes to Hawaii
24. Tommy for President
23. Tommy Goes to the Moon
22. Tommy, His Rainbowness
21. Tommy Goes to Yellowland
20. Tommy and the Mew-Coo-Coo Birds
19. Tommy Goes to Blueland
18. Tommy's Halloween Adventure
17. Tommy the Cowboy
16. Tommy Goes to Arizona
15. Tommy Goes to Ireland
14. Tommy the Bullfighter
13. Tommy Goes to Spain
12. Tommy and the Pirates
11. Tommy Goes to the Caribbean
10. Tommy Goes to a Yard Sale
9. Tommy Goes to the Ocean
8. Tommy and the Giant Cockroach
7. Tommy Meets A Dinosaur (Part 2)
6. Tommy Meets A Dinosaur
5. The North Pole
4. A Visit To The Zoo
3. Bongo Gets Adopted
2. The Animal Shelter
1. The School Lunch Room

Tommy Tales Spanish Versions
16. TommyCuentos - Tommy va a Arizona
15. TommyCuentos - Tommy va a Irlanda
14. TommyCuentos - Tommy el torero
13. TommyCuentos - Tommy va a Espana
12. TommyCuentos - Tommy y Los Piratas
11. TommyCuentos - Tommy va al Caribe
10. TommyCuentos - Tommy va a un baratillo
9. TommyCuentos - Tommy va al oceano
8. TommyCuentos - Tommy y la cucaracha gigante
7. TommyCuentos - Tommy conoce un dinosaurio, Segunda Parte
6. TommyCuentos - Tommy conoce un dinosaurio
5. TommyCuentos - El Polo Norte
4. TommyCuentos - Una Visita al zoologico
3. TommyCuentos - Bongo es adoptado
2. TommyCuentos - La Sociedad Protectora de Animales
1. TommyCuentos - La Cafetería de la Escuela

Vocabulary Books
6. Animals
5. Plants
4. Sports and Exercise
3. Going to School
2. At Home
1. In the Kitchen

Mini Books
9. My Mini Book of Wildflower Children (Book 2)
8. My Mini Book of Flower Children
7. My Mini Book of Wildflower Children
6. My Mini Book of Mother Earth's Children
5. My Mini Book of Bird Children
4. My Mini Book of Mixed-Up Animals
3. My Mini Book of The Alphabet
2. My Mini Book of Strange Beaks!
1. My Mini Insect Book